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"One person's meat is another person's poison, said the Vegan to the Vegetarian".  Camp Carnivore offers those that have not given up on the notion that Meat in all its various forms is the best food option and nutritional supplement we have as humans. Our wide selection of prized Game Meats and our gourmet chefs assures all that camp with us or dine with us one of the most enjoyable experiences in recent memory.


Camp Carnivore has really good connections with higher-ups in some of the most remote locations on the planet, all with their eyes always on the lookout for Meat to stock our shelves. We pride ourselves on being the best Meet & Meat destination within Black Rock City. We have all the Meat you can handle - Meet is up to you.

Alligator Alpaca Antelope Beaver Bison
Bison Camel Chicken Cow Crocodile
Deer Duck Elk Emu Grouse
Kobe Beef Lamb Lion Pheasant Pig
Rabbit Rattlesnake Steak Wagyo Beef Yak

We invite you to celebrate life with our exotic Wild Game Meat offerings and Meet sometime, share in all things carnivorous; wheather you camp with us or dine with us - make sure to stop on by. Do not hover here.


Are you a Meet or Meat eater? Camp with us - Registration is now Open!!!
Do not settle for Raman Noodles or Tofu for dinner.  Make your Reservations Now!!!


"Sometimes as Meat eaters we huddle in a corner with a full plate of food, gnawing like the animals we are; we forget to Meet along the way", says ScottoBobScotto. "Camp Carnivore has flourished over the years because it brings potential Friends / Lovers / Fuck Buddies / Soul Mates together for the love of what they can create all the while enjoying the best Meat dishes anywhere", continues ScottoBobScotto.


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